Fearless Fridays – Agile Product Development, a Hitch

Taking an agile software development course and just finished reading a paper called “The New Product Development Game” by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka. It covers real world examples of companies that employ the Agile method in product development, which as it turns out, most top companies do. This is where I got the inspiration for my ‘fearless friday’ thought. You can read the it here, The New product Development Game

Autonomous self-organization totally works in Agile product development. Give the people freedom and let them build something great. The hitch is, this process starts with “multi-disciplinary and capable” autonomous members (part of the agile method, too) so….members of the ‘self organizing’ team need to know what they’re doing and perhaps even have some experience doing it. Would be funny to read some stories about what happens when that piece of the method is missing.

Happy Friday!

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