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Maybe you have read my latest post regarding my unhappiness w/ Facebook titled, The Facebook Bubble. I was looking over some old articles of my own, from previous life blogging and came upon this silly little gem of an article, 2007 – Dear MySpace, Enhance Our UX, Not Your Advertising Dollar.

I wrote this in 2007, almost 7 years ago. Basically, The gist of the article is being fed up and slightly offended at MySpace’s lack of concern for their users. Striking a familiar chord with my current feeling towards Facebook. Some common factors in these two, quite similar, phenomena –

  • Declining UX on the site
  • Bored/unhappiness while using the medium
  • friends/family/colleagues increase usage of other tools in lieu of declining UX quality.

Almost 6 months after I wrote this in 2007, MySpace dropped off the planet and the entire web/online media world went through yet another growing pain as it tred through the waning economy. The world changes, I’m not sure why companies like Facebook can’t see the need for change on their product. After reading my silly and sophomoric post(s) from 2007 & now I’m even more convinced that the feeling I get, that Facebook is on it’s way out, is correct. Then again, I was like right out of college and a total ‘know it all’ in 2007. Also, it seems Facebook stock hasn’t started to plummet yet – maybe the bubble is just getting more bubbly. On another note, these two pretty similar (silly) posts have me concerned that it seems I haven’t change THAT much in 7 years? Hmm, another thought for another day…

Let us see what happens, if Facebook follows the MySpace pattern and drops off the planet in 2 years, I will be a total prophet – you can elect me as your president and I will concede as your gracious leader. :) If I’m wrong, let’s just call it a wash, ok?

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