Lead Acquisition campaign, Direct Mail Postcard Program

Developed lead acquisition campaign, postcard design and analysis

Lead Acquisition Campaign, Direct Mail Postcard Program

Developed lead acquisition campaign via direct mail postcard programs. Program included vanity URLs unique to each region/demo/split and full analysis of lead flow from acquisition to conversion to test for effectiveness. A/B split tests conducted to test various ad copy, postcard designs and calls to actions. This type of design is ‘ugly

Direct Marketing design is what most designers call the “ugly” design. These pieces have one purpose: immediate consumer reaction. Often, it’s the brightest, boldest color that wins. For Premier Care, I designed many direct marketing pieces, I also measured, tested, targeted and optimized marketing based ROI and lead generation. As a designer, I did my best to keep the designs as “not-ugly” as possible and ensure proper branding and messaging was in place.