SEO 2013 Enterprise Investment

SEO 2013 Enterprise Investment

Hey There SEO! Get a lot of SEO Recruiting Calls Lately?

Enterprise SEOSEO for organizations is the largest marketing investment within the last 90 days according to a SEO survey by Conductor with Search Engine Land SEO Survey. Read the original SEO and Search Marketing survey. SEO 2013 Enterprise Investment is becoming more standard as organizations begin seeing SEO as a major impact on business goals.

“In the early days of SEO, search was considered it’s own discipline, tech geeks hacking away at meta-data in the basement, often excluded from broader organizational revenue considerations. Now, search is increasingly involved in revenue considerations, with 65% of marketers saying that natural search has more of a seat at the revenue table than in did 12 months ago.” Why 2013 Will Be The Year of SEO

Here’s what they said!
Conductor and Search Engine Land Watch collaborated to survey hundreds of SEO professionals, not only SEO professionals, but marketing VPs and Directors, responsible for SEOs. the results were very interesting.  I read it pretty recently after writing my blog post about Bored Enterprise SEOs and realized that I am not the only one noticing change. SEO is becoming part of best practice, part of large, corporate organizations. There are entire departments in corporate organizations dedicated to SEO success and entire people in these large corporate organizations, working in departments focused solely on SEO. Crazy – it was once the the lone ranger, the secret service of the web, the last secret left standing.

In my post, I was sort of talking about how SEO is becoming more widespread – more of an organizational task. The department and program directors are invested and becoming educated in SEO. From my own personal experience, I believe this is partly due to negative re-enforcement.

“Bad website! – see what you make me do to you? See what happens when you’re bad?”

Bad Enterprise SE
If it’s possible that companies understand SEO yet create entire web launches and web migrations without considering it seriously…Well, what do you predict? What happens? Traffic drops, revenue drops, conversions drops and visitors well they already dropped hence the traffic, revenue and conversion part. Either way, I am not responsible for that so what a great thing! Now, the people who are managing websites and (according to the recent and noted survey ) understand SEO, now fully comprehend the implications and are sure to implement best practices as it relates to SEO in the future.

What exactly are organizations doing?

“70% utilize or plan on adopting an SEO technology package.”

Well, we hope so. Either way, it seems like it takes a negative experience to entice most companies to jump on board. The mysticism for SEO’s needs to go – clients/owners/enterprise opt. mgrs needs to understand: SEO is a real thing, the website needs to comply with best practices, and for SEO, this  requires allocated resource and time. Basically, SEO is real, SEO is changing and confusing and ultimately: SEO is something that needs to be re-prioritized.

“The most significant indicator of the maturation of SEO in the organization: The second most common place for search is now in it’s own department, a phenomenon that would have been unheard of even a few short years ago.”

More nugget of info from the SEO in 2013 Article, I really don’t feel like summing it up for you, so my favorite parts are copied below. Download the full text. : SEO in 2013

Top challenges as search marketers in 2012?

  • 18% Search Algorithm changes – hey Panda, thanks again !
  • 18% Lack of budget
  • 15% Insufficient SEO education across organization
  • 15% Lack of Heacount
  • 15% Inability to make changes to website

Biggest goals for next 12 months in regards to SEO and natural search?

  • Improve content development
  • Scale keywords
  • Improve Search ROI (obviously – easy answer)
  • Increase social presence in SERPS
  • Deeper Analytics

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