SEO Veterans, Remember CSS and Are You Bored Yet?

SEO Veterans, Remember CSS and Are You Bored Yet?

And Where Are You Now?

SEO and CSS Boring

Hey CSS and SEO – She’s Bored, I’m bored, We’re All Bored

For SEO’s I think Online Site Optimization…it feels easy, like it’s all simple to understand – add the meta-stuff: titles, descriptions and if you have budget or time (or both!) throw in the canonicles and tags if it makes sense to do so. Get the content right, the architecture needs to make sense, link to stuff that’s relevant…Got a picture? Make it relevant and tag that shit! Get the picture?

I feel like most SEO’s view this stuff as best practice – whether you’re chasing a Google algorithm or not, the requirements are set up in a way that is “logical” and if ever a search engine were to cease to exist, structuring your site this way would still make sense, like logic for someone who knows web. Strange as it may sound, it brings me back to when I first discovered CSS, oh how I loved it. Website presentation Semantics, not only did what I see load fast and consistent  (save IE – side note: another theory of mine is I think CSS is what really boosted the hate-morale for IE. I mean seriously, what else did IE do that was SO bad?) CSS, well it just made sense. CSS for websites, while similar to Stylesheets in design docs, were not the same.

CSS was the first attempt to structure the web, categorize it, organize it. No longer a free for all with sliced images jailed in tables and built in frontpage, glittering with animated gifts and non-sensical Flash. The web was communicating with itself, the first step to a user-centered design, the entire basis of where the future of interactive media is headed.

Anyways, while I loved CSS because the implementation part was fun – like a puzzle translating garbled junk into structured things, the evolution of SEO has bored me. In fact, this exact reason is why I’ve been lazy when it comes to SEO and the search marketing industry – I don’t even feel like keeping up sometimes. I get bored. Where SEO used to be tactical and sneaky, it is now structured, conventional and globalized. Honestly, I think that’s ok and probably for the best but at the same time it has changed the job for an SEO person.

If you were in the SEO industry 10+ years ago, I’d venture to guess 75% of you are out of it. 50% of that 75% are outsourcing SEO (while managing its strategy) and owning your own sites, and the last 25% have moved on to completely new things. Any others agree? How do we all stay competitive and more importantly INTERESTED in this industry that is becoming less of a “secret service” job and more of a “corporate enterprise quality-assurance” role?

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