SMX East New York City Search Conference

SMX East New York City Search Conference

Attending SMX East this week, a New York City Search Conference focusing on SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Search Analytics. It’s at the Jacob K. Javits Center, all the way along the Hudson on the West Side in midtown. Kind of a shady area of town, even for Manhattan. In fact, a very suspicious man carrying a coffee and wearing slacks was walking a little close as I made my way over – luckily I spotted the nerds carrying laptop bags and scurried away.

So far, the conference is a lot better than last year. Early morning I attended the Metrics conferences, Vanessa Fox at SMX East x-Googley and Inventor of Google Webmaster tools was the host. She’s cool, always all over these conferences, especially SMX because she writes for Search Engine Land obviously she’s got to be super smart, but her manner is kind of slurred and lazy – I find it hard to believe she was deemed Google-y enough for Google, let alone the inventor of the single most important SEO Analytics Tool in the last 10 years. But, I guess if I invented Google Webmaster tools I’d probably act like a badass who didn’t care about anything too. Like, what am I going to do next that will beat that? Anyways…

I have lots of great notes, but if I could choose the single most important takeaway of the day (for me at least) it would the idea/inspiration to finally start focusing on CTR for Organic search results. Also – to take this rate and measure it if and when Title and Desc. tags change.

So – Gossip!! During the first metrics conference (What SEO Performance Metrics Are Truly Important?) Rob Bucci got harrassed by Maile Ohye at SMX East, a Google Employee who is always at SMX too.( for representing State Search Analytics

She was all “What you’re doing is against our terms of use! You best be stoppin’ that Proxy crawlin’ all in our Google biz-ness”
Rob was all” Well hey there GOOGLE! Maybe if you’d share more of your data with us, we wouldn’t have to use all our sneaky proxy fakers and find out all the rankings and make all the moneys from our customers!”

Then they hugged and made up. SIIIGH if nerds ruled the world, what a peaceful super place it would be.

Google Bean Bag Chairs at SMX East Search Conference in New York City

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